Our Culture


The Bargain! Shop is one of the most exciting retailers in Canada! That excitement begins with a rapidly growing and diversified national retailer with over 1,800 Associates, operating 155 stores across Canada. The moment an Associate joins The Bargain! Shop, they become a vital part of our team. At The Bargain! Shop, we are building one of the strongest teams in retailing, with the energy and discipline to make the Company a winner in every market we enter.


We embrace a set of values that define and challenge us. Our values drive the initiatives that will ensure our future success. They best describe how and why we conduct our business the way we do.

We have a passion for excellence, meaning we strive to set and exceed new standards of performance as we focus on outstanding results. Teamwork encourages us to share ideas and expertise as we work together toward our common goals. We are a customer-focused organization. Every store has the same objective: Super Friendly customer service! Concentrating on the customer’s needs is our number one priority!

We have a flat organizational structure which provides unlimited accessibility to the Senior Team and all areas of the company. Our teams are made up of down to earth, caring and friendly people, each of whom has an impact on our business and our customers. Our work environment is fast paced, and we are committed to maintaining our informal, professional yet flexible culture.

Social Responsibility

Giving back and helping to take care of the communities we do business in is an attribute of our culture that we are very proud of. The Bargain! Shop Cares is our committee of volunteers focused on the needs in the communities were we do business as well as to provide assistance to people in need nationally and worldwide. Each and every Associate across the company gets involved in fundraising. Our very generous customers and business partners are also instrumental in helping us achieve our charitable goals.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy balances three basic elements:

  • People Oriented – We ensure customer experience in our stores is a delightful one and that everyone, including Associates, are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

  • Information Driven - We are personally enthusiastic and open minded to learning, and to understanding that business analysis at every level is a key ingredient in ensuring that we make the right decisions for the business.

  • Results Focused - We believe that despite our people orientation and our strength in business analytics, we need to produce profits and to understand that return-on-investment of both time and money needs to be a key consideration in everything we do.

Retail in general, and The Bargain! Shop in particular, is one of the few avenues where hard work, dedication and talent truly intersect with a real opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our company’s dedication to high standards of excellence is mirrored in our commitment to our Associates, Shareholders and Business Partners.